Saturday, 28 March 2009

Woody's Careers Resources Almanac

Hi, I'm Mark Woodward, Head of Careers at Bablake- the best school in the Midlands- and Careers Guru for Etc Magazine. I am also known for my careers portal,, which is currently being redesigned by a former Bablake student.

At the forthcoming CRAC D18 conference I will be leading a Fringe Session on Careers Resources. The intention is to compile a Careers equivalent of the brilliant Schott's Almanac.

My years as a lonely (sic) child spent cataloguing my vinyl and cassettes ensure that the Anorak's Guide to the Best Careers Resources is in excellent hands!

I'll start with the following Top 10s:
  1. Inspiring Speakers
  2. Essential Books
  3. Wonderful Websites
  4. How to Stay Ahead
  5. The Essentials for University
  6. How to Travel Safely
  7. Best Advice Received
  8. Magnificent Magazines

Email or tweet me @woodyswebwatch with suggestions for the Top 10s.

After the conference, the results will be posted will be revealed online in a future blog.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Mark

    Great to see you blogging.

    Definitely sounds like a great role for a Careers Wiki here - a way of building the almanac with open collaboration.

    How did the session at CRAC go?